Estimating system of manufacturing parts
Low conversion of orders completion
Manufacturers receive a large amount of orders, but only about 10% of them reach completion
Estimation is time-consuming and expensive
The estimation of an average order takes 1-3 days and involves 3 specialists: a manager, a technologist and an engineer.
Estimation of single orders is unprofitable
30% of manufacturers refuse to calculate single and small orders with a small amount of parts
Estimating system of manufacturing parts
Encrease conversion of orders completion
Manufacturers can work with 3d models made in any CAD system and be first on the market in providing prices to customers
Reduce the cost and effort of estimation
Manufacturers need only one specialist for the estimation, while the time is significantly reduced to a couple of hours instead of several days
Make estimation profitable
The estimation of single and small orders becomes profitable now
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Metalworking, plotter cutting, working with plywood, wood and plastic
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